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battery issue

  1. Btaylor9301

    Battery or Bird failure

    HELP!?!? What happened?? I was flying a way point mission, pre-scouted area for any obstruction, nothing within 1/2 mile. Upon completion of the mission I had 57% battery life. Bird rose to 300 ft. which was the programmed altitude. Immediately upon reaching 300 feet the battery dropped from...
  2. QuadSquad

    Another battery question

    I have a question about a battery, that some one may have an idea of what's going on. I purchased a bundle, with several batteries included. One of the batteries, although it performs well, will allow me to get the low battery warning, but, it won't perform a return to home, automatically. The...
  3. Goldenjet50

    X-Star Premium battery issue

    Hi! This summer I experienced a problem with one of the batteries on my X-Star Premium. I was flying the drone at about 90 feet pretty much straight above me with the flight time remaining of approximately 13 minutes. All of a sudden it dropped to zero and the drone came down. Fortunately I...