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battery issue

  1. H

    Swollen battery identification method

    This may not help everyone but it's my new way of determining if my battery is going bad. We all know swollen batteries are a sign of bad or going bad. I had my second one go bad in flight and got the Damaged Battery notice before it tried to return home. Looking closely at all my batteries I...
  2. Btaylor9301

    Battery or Bird failure

    HELP!?!? What happened?? I was flying a way point mission, pre-scouted area for any obstruction, nothing within 1/2 mile. Upon completion of the mission I had 57% battery life. Bird rose to 300 ft. which was the programmed altitude. Immediately upon reaching 300 feet the battery dropped from...
  3. QuadSquad

    Another battery question

    I have a question about a battery, that some one may have an idea of what's going on. I purchased a bundle, with several batteries included. One of the batteries, although it performs well, will allow me to get the low battery warning, but, it won't perform a return to home, automatically. The...
  4. Goldenjet50

    X-Star Premium battery issue

    Hi! This summer I experienced a problem with one of the batteries on my X-Star Premium. I was flying the drone at about 90 feet pretty much straight above me with the flight time remaining of approximately 13 minutes. All of a sudden it dropped to zero and the drone came down. Fortunately I...