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  • davery87
    My newest favorite feature is the ability to turn off both the front AND rear lights on the EVO II. Its almost comical what you can get...
  • Stillers
    Autel doesnt believe in the Right to Repair. They dont authorize, support, or endorse 3rd party repairs. They almost certainly dont...
  • Stillers
    Stillers replied to the thread Found Drone.
    Contac Autel and see if it was registered. You should be able to pull the sereal number. Also, youll need to know from Autel if its V1...
  • Stillers
    Stillers replied to the thread Weight.
    Its still important that both parties acknowledge the context of an interraction that happens as you describe. The police absolutely can...
  • H
    Hiten replied to the thread My prototype EVO leg extensions.
    Was it done using hard pipe or soft hose ?
  • K
    if i were buying today and didn't already have an autel drone, i would buy the lite+ over the evo2 v2.
  • K
    kenautelevo2pro replied to the thread Found Drone.
    send it to me, i'll give it the once over and let you know if it checks out.
  • K
    kenautelevo2pro replied to the thread Weight.
    i wouldnt blame you if you provided your details to the police when they walk up to and ask why are you flying a drone and if your...
  • G
    gschulzuio replied to the thread Found Drone.
    What if the OP is looking for the owner on and across other forums and venues? OTOH, maybe just here, tough to say. :)
  • G
    gschulzuio replied to the thread Weight.
    No worries, feel free to point out what is not true in your opinion, however, in the meantime fly safe and best wishes.
  • E
    elphtrooper reacted to thercules's post in the thread EVO RTK V1 300 ACRE with Like Like.
    First fly a hatch in nadir then fly a 20 degree offset hatch with an 85 degree camera pitch for camera lens calibration and accuracy. A...
  • Stillers
    Stillers replied to the thread Weight.
    I will not challenge even a bit that that is., word for word what the regulation says. I'm not challenging that fact. I'm impeaching...
  • P
    I'll start at $1500.
  • P
    Autel as the second biggest manufacturer (and by a wide margin over #3) is in better shape than just about every other company to...
  • P
    The AE2 Pro has been a solid performer for me the past 18 months. It surprises me how much dynamic range the camera has. Last week I got...

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