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May 16, 2021
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My EVO II Pro 6K has the latest firmware, EVO II V1: V2.7.25.
I am unable to customize the right wheel on the EVO Smart Controller.

I open the "Remote Control customizeable buttons" screen.
I press the right button on the screen that currently shows "Zoom" but nothing happens.
I also tried pressing the button twice (double-click) but nothing happens either.

I press either the C1 and C2 buttons on the smart controller screen and that opens a drop-down menu where I can choose the button function.

Is anyone else having this issue and found a resolution?

My goal is to set the right button to control the Gimbal Pitch just like the left button since I rarely have any need for the zoom button.
Why they broke the continuity with how sensibly ergonomic the Standard Controller is/was remains a mystery. That right wheel is the menu navigation button on the Standard Controller that allows you to fly and keep your hands on the sticks while changing camera settings. The Smart Controller requires taking your hand from the stick to stab at the screen. Unbelievable
I’d love to set the right wheel to exposure compensation. The oversight on this is insane.
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I’d love to set the right wheel to exposure compensation. The oversight on this is insane.
Hi Philip / All,

I am using the Smart Controller v2 and Autel Evo 2 Pro , I went into Remote -> Button customization menu and I see right wheel is available as an option to customize it, however, when I click on the icon for right wheel customization , nothing happens and I get no drop down menu like I do for C1 and C2. Wanted to check if it is something with my firmware or maybe it's because my video is set to Log format? Wanted to check if other folks with Autel Smart Controller are able to customize the right wheel. Ideally would love to customize it for EV compensation.

Thanks in advance, Mike.

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