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smart controller

  1. L

    Can the Android SDK be used on the secondary remote controller?

    I am now doing the secondary development for AUTEL EVO II dual v1.0. I found that the waypoint function for EVO II has not been implemented in the sample code. Considering this huge workload cannot be implemented in several days, I am considering using the dual controller scheme. That is, the...
  2. Y

    Evo II Enterprise with RTK and Extras not for Sale

    Plans change.
  3. Len

    EVO II Hard Case that fits Smart Controller

    Does this type of case exist? I currently have Empire Drone EVO II Case by GPC, I'm wondering if anyone tried to modify it to fit smart controller?
  4. S

    TRIPLTEK vs Autel Smart Controller?

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping to hear from people that have experience with both the TRIPLTEK and Autel SC. I'd like to get a sense of the real world difference in screen brightness (outdoors in full sun), capacitive touch, battery life (on full brightness), and anything else you think is worth...
  5. R

    Unable to customize the right wheel on Autel Smart Controller

    My EVO II Pro 6K has the latest firmware, EVO II V1: V2.7.25. I am unable to customize the right wheel on the EVO Smart Controller. I open the "Remote Control customizeable buttons" screen. I press the right button on the screen that currently shows "Zoom" but nothing happens. I also tried...
  6. S

    Smart Controller touchscreen - quality of capacitive touch vs DJI's SC/CrystalSky?

    Hey everyone, Can anyone comment on the SC's touchscreen quality, especially compared to DJI's SC/CrystalSky? The latter are notorious for frequently requiring multiple taps before a command is recognized. I just watched a video (which I linked in another thread re the SC's ability to...
  7. B

    Smart Controller Update Procedures & 3rd Party App Install

    I just saw that Autel has released a video on YouTube with procedures for updating the firmware. They also show how to install 3rd party apps. Autel: How to Update Your Device
  8. K

    EVO II Smart Controller

    The Smart Controller has been presold, and the official price is USD$1199. Do you guys think this product is worth buying? I have also asked others about the shortcomings of this product, and most of them said it was too expensive to sell.Is there any possibility of reducing the price of this...
  9. K

    Autel smart controller for EVO II

    Functions: Has a 7.9-inch "smart controller" Provide high-definition real-time image transmission. Equipped with a 2000nit display, still clear in bright light 4.5h Ultra-long battery life (3 hours at maximum brightness) The Autel intelligent controller is designed for use on the EVO II...