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autel smart controller

  1. R

    Unable to customize the right wheel on Autel Smart Controller

    My EVO II Pro 6K has the latest firmware, EVO II V1: V2.7.25. I am unable to customize the right wheel on the EVO Smart Controller. I open the "Remote Control customizeable buttons" screen. I press the right button on the screen that currently shows "Zoom" but nothing happens. I also tried...
  2. advexure

    EVO II V2 Units are now available!

    EVO II V2 units will begin shipping from Advexure next week and are now available online. Be sure to select "V2" when ordering. Advexure will continue to offer and maintain plentiful stock of V1 systems for as long as we can to be able to support our partners who are looking to add additional...
  3. K

    Smart controller

    Is the Autel smart controller compatible only with the EVO II series? And whether the antenna of the intelligent remote control can be removed, and whether third-party applications can be used to realize the function of live broadcasting, How much memory does the product have?
  4. A

    New Smart Controller available for pre-order

    The new Autel Smart Controller is now available for pre-order from Altitude Hobbies. Use code "autel" to get free shipping in the U.S. We've been told they will be shipping the last week of May...
  5. advexure

    NEW RELEASE: Autel Smart Controller for EVO II

    The Advexure Team is excited to announce the release of the Autel Smart Controller for EVO II Series. The Autel Smart Controller for EVO II Series has been designed to enhance your flying experience with all EVO II series aircrafts. The Autel Smart Controller features a 7.9 inch super-bright...