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Possible firmware trick to fix several issues


Aug 29, 2016
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Just a quick tip. Sometimes firmware updates don't "take". The general consensus on the FB Autel owners page is to rerun the update - up to three times. Nobody is really sure why this works, but apparently it can fix several issues that the firmware update was supposed to fix but didn't. For example, it could say the gimble firmware has been updated, but in reality it wasn't.
mine went great on first try but did keep eye on it to make sure all was good
Took my second XSP 3 try's to finally to get it to complete the update.
I was concerned after second attempt and so I called Autel.
They said to update the aircraft first with out the controller. They said it would
take approximately 10 minutes. After that, they said then connect the controller and complete the update for that so I did and all went great!
You got to hand it to Autel for great customer support!
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Mine said all was successful on the 1st try. However after flying a few times then looking at the videos I noticed when adjusting gimbal angle the video was getting all fuzzy during tilt movements. I was thinkin that something was messed up so I reinstall the firmware and it did in fact reinstall the gimbal part of the firmware . So yeah, just because it says it was successful it might not have been.

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