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Firmware Woes


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May 27, 2023
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Yes, another thread about firmware issues - after a firmware update, my remote will no longer connect to the drone.

-Everything was functional prior to the firmware update

- I initially used an OTA update
- The update continued and the remote indicated that everything was installed successfully. The remote prompted me to restart both the drone and the remote.
- After the restart, the remote will not connect to the drone. All 4 lights are slow-blinking simultaneously: front 2 are amber, rear 2 are red.
- After the restart, I could view a camera feed through my phone, which was successfully paired with the remote.

I have tried:
  • Resetting both the remote and drone
    • No change
  • Manually pairing the remote and drone
    • I pressed the pairing button located on the side of the drone until it rapid-blinked green. I then rebooted the remote, holding the home and power buttons. The remote booted up and displayed "Matching..." for several seconds, then went back to "Connecting..."
  • Downloading the firmware to an SD card
    • The V3 firmware (V1.1.9 ; 1/16/23) downloaded as a .ZIP file with 3 .BIN files and a .JSON file. I extracted all and put them into the root directory of the SD card. After inserting the SD card into the drone, I powered it on, and left to sit for 30 min. I removed the SD card and all the files are still viewable on the SD card.
I have tried searching for other solutions on the forums, but have not found anything. Any help would be appreciated.

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