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Autel Nano Plus Anti-Fog Problems


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Oct 29, 2020
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Went for a hike yesterday to capture some Fall colors in the White Mountains.
Colors were near peak but not full peak yet.
Views were unfortunately very challenging and obscured by Canadian wildfire smoke.
I've not previously used the anti-fog setting but thought this was a good opportunity for it. I set anti-fog to maximum.
Wish I hadn't....

While the conditions were poor for capturing optical Fall colors, anti-fog maximum made everything worse.
See the linked video below. The first 2/3 of the video are samples of the landscape in full-sun with anti-fog enabled at maximum. The video is compressed but otherwise unmodified by my Davinci Resolve editor
The final 1/3 of the video is from later that day. Still smoke in the air and now at dusk in low light -- but with anti-fog disabled.

The anti-fog maximum video has a very pixelated and mottled look. It's horrible under all conditions and resulted in video that is mostly not useable.
The anti-fog maximum video also struggled to capture any video with sun in front of the camera. It resulted in a dark apocalyptical effect that did not resemble the actual view

The dusk conditions were generally far more challenging. Still a lot of smoke but now in very low light. With anti-fog disabled, the video quality was very good IMO.

Both videos look better uncompressed/modified. However, the anti-fog video you see uploaded really does look this bad right off the drone. Frankly, the compressed/uploaded video degraded the uncompressed dusk video details more than it did the bright sun video details.
Based on this, I don't think I will EVER use anti-fog. I might do further testing on low (vs max) but generally don't intend to use it.

What's your experience been using the anti-fog settings???

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