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What causes a video feed error?


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Dec 14, 2017
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So I was flying my new :) XSP today using an Apple 3 foot lightening cable. I switched to a shorter NON-apple cable and I was getting a)weak video signal and b) black and white stripes diagonally across the screen. I landed and switched back to the original white apple cable and still getting those two issues.
What do I have to do to fix this?
I did have a blast today. I used two batteries..When I got home I charges them to 2-3 solid green dots.


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From Autel's website: I did NOT do this.I can't wait to try again next time

Losing a video connection can be solved easily.

  • Make sure your aircraft and remote controller are free from all magnetic or signal interference.
  • Reposition the antenna to be perpendicular to the drone.
  • Power the drone off, restart the app, and reconnect to the aircraft.
  • Make sure the gimbal is fully attached to the aircraft.
  • If you are using X‑Star, make sure you are connected to the X‑Star Wi‑Fi.
  • If you are using X‑Star Premium, follow the steps below.
If the X‑Star Premium video connection fails, or if any component (e.g., aircraft, gimbal, remote controller, mobile device) is replaced, follow the steps below to to reestablish the video feed between the aircraft and mobile device.
Definitely, get away from power lines, power transformers, etc. Most important, follow the instructions above.
Hi members, I am also having this issue repeatedly. Is it correct to say that this drone can only be used out in the country or any place devoid of electric lines or phone cable or anything related etc? Closing all of my applications on my tablet, turning the tablet on to airplane mode seems to of helped. But it’s still only help the fact that he couldn’t get live video in an open football field . It didn’t help flying out in front of my house from the curb . Seems kind of strange because cities are made up of electrical interference everywhere you look… Has Autel been able to help anyone with the video dropping out? If the video keeps dropping out this drone is really useless for my purpose. I upgraded the latest Apple update but that didn’t help the loss of satellite interference with those green bars. Which ever one I select that one still turns to read. Arrrrrgh.
The diagonal black/white stripes is the over-exposure notification being turned on. Turn it off in the settings and they will go away.

Weak video signal is characteristic of the XSP when the drone and the remote are very close to each other, usually when the drone is directly above you. Move the bird and the signal seems to return [at least for me].

Hope this helps.
Do call Autel as they have an interest in helping you out in such a situation.
Can anyone help my xs premium when flying over 30 feets the video link disconnects from the RC and also from de starlink app when the drone fly under 30 feets the vdeo signal is fine how can i fix it

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