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Need some assistance with WebODM and 2D ortho creation


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Oct 26, 2020
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I'm having some issues with a mapping mission that I ran (evo 2 pro). I've mapped out several places before without issue but made sure I was using a 80/80 overlap. This specific mission was to cover a small "ghost town" and the area was rather large so I went with the recommendations provided here: ( Tutorials — OpenDroneMap 2.0.0 documentation ) and flew two missions with a 20 degree path difference (260 degrees and 280 degrees) with the 280 degree path having the gimbal at 85 degrees instead of 90 with an overlap of 42/42 on both missions. Per the directions posted, that should give the equivalent of 70/70.

My problem is is that only the very center, to slightly south, part of the ortho was generated, leaving a huge chunk of the north part of the town non rendered. I've tried upping the min-num-features to 14000 and the matcher-neighbors to 14 but the end result is exactly the same. I'm at a loss here. Anyone have any insight into what I can do to get the rest of the ortho to render properly? I ran the dataset through Pix4Dreact, since they gave out a free year license with the pro, and it rendered just the center road of the town but not the forest.


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Thank you. I've had no issues with flying just a single pattern with a decent overlap but this was an experiment and pet project. I was going to follow up on the odm forums if I felt pressed enough to create another account on yet another website. Figured I'd try here first to see if anyone had some insight.
I use WebODM all the time and I have never used the 20 degree offset. I only stumbled on that when I was digging in the documentation looking for VPS hosting. As I said, I have never seen that suggested in other forums (Pix4d, etc). Maybe some day I'll try it for kicks on a smaller project. It's just another battery. In fact I'm just getting ready to lad another 450 pictures in, all with 90 degree.
Hey @Bobstaff , have you checked out the new Oblique missions yet? I'm a bit tickled, and happily overwhelmed, by the options given by.
Well you caught me off guard. I just looked at the update and I'm a bit disappointed that there is no documentation for it. Looks like a bunch of test flights to figure it out. And at first glance it doesn't look like any oblique pattern I've ever flown.
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I'm with you there on the lack of documentation. I put in a support ticket to request some info on so hopefully they come back with at least a bit of info. The new mission came out of left field but has some potential.

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