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A few questions some drone related and some software


Dec 15, 2022
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Well after purchasing an Autel EVO II 640T and a Nano+ back in Dec finally flew the Nano+.

Backstory, will relate to some questions later: my intention that day was to try and take some pictures of my property so I can build an elevation/topographical map. Using software I can import the resulting elevation changes in a home design program. Let me know how much dirt I need to move or add and how stuff like water runoff might need to be adjusted so I do not have issues later.

For my first flight ever it didn't last long and I was flying the Nano+ (I got it so I can learn plus something under 250g). On the first takeoff I was around 20-30 ft and hit the return to home button to see how it would work, by the way the novice mode is SLOW but understand why. The drone raised up to around 70ft I think and then moved over the "target/take off area" and then landed on its own. I was like cool, I wasn't expecting it to go up in elevation but I needed that data as there are a few trees on the property and wanted to make sure my flight would be above them anyway. The second take off I was like now I will go and try to take some picture's and hopefully it works out. I got up to around 55ft and started to maneuver towards the tree line, edge of property, and then make passes on my own (question about this later). I got about halfway there, 100-150ft of lateral movement, and an eagle came out from the tree line making a beeline path to the drone...:eek:. I tried to make a beeline back but the differences in flight speeds were REALLY NOTICABLE, about 15 ft before it would have been in contact I hit the RTH button as I wasn't sure what the best course of action to take. It immediately raised back up to the 70ft mark (or whatever it was) and then started it slow path back to me. When it went higher in elevation the eagle changed course and then went higher doing circles. I think it was looking for a second pass but at this point the drone was lowering to the ground and I was standing around 10ft from "Home." It finally flew away when I physically picked it up. As a note the Nano+ version I have is grey, not sure of other colors could be better or worse for this type of encounter. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this and what the best way to deal with it is? What I did worked but wouldn't call it a good plan. I love eagles but didn't expect to see one, if I had lost it on the first flight I would cry and chuckle at the same time I guess.

Next is about the software to fly a set course. I thought I read where Pix4Dcapture was Autel compatible so I downloaded it....I only saw DJI and Parrot drones listed, I must have mistaken it for a different app :(. I wanted to use this to fly an automated flight plan, needless to say that is not what happened. After my experience though might have been for the best. I also downloaded skybrowse but can't get past the initial screen of Flight mission and the selection for Ultra with SkyeBrowse on the top greyed out and WideBrowse on the bottom greyed out. Is there an app like Pix4D that you can use on your phone (iPhone user) and make one from the app? Maybe all are this way but I could only open up the one and it didn't help me, just want to make sure I don't need to go plan a mission from a computer and then load it but not sure how that would work either unless the software could use both a computer and the app itself. Needless to say I tried to find a way to do it in the Autel Sky app but no success, maybe I missed it. So it is a bit of a drive and I had some business out that direction unexpectedly so tried to make it really productive but failed epically on the second part.

Bottom line is, is there an app that I could put on my iPhone to drive up to an unknown site and then create an automated flight plan for both my Autel drones on the fly to basically create a topo map from the flight?

The other half is I need to import my elevation map from a txt or gpx file. I have not played with the OpenDroneMap software but so far from skimming the tutorial pages I have not found what type of output files that can be created from this. Might need to ask this somewhere else but figured as long as I am posting go ahead and put it here as well.

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