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Controller battery life (XSP)


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Nov 21, 2016
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Hi, I'm considering pulling the trigger on a X-Star Premium, but I could find how long the controller battery lasts.
I was planning on buy 3-4 batteries for the aircraft.
Would the controller battery last for let's say 80 minutes (4 batteries in the best scenario)?


I am very impressed with how long the controller battery lasts. I consistently forget to charge it. In my experience, I've easily had 4 flights on one controller charge, and so far I've not brought it down to below about 40%. A little trick that I saw on the Autel site was that you can use the charging system to actually power your controller using one of the UAV batteries. So far I haven't had to do this.
I have 4 batteries that I use with the XSP, and after burning through all four batteries one after the other for a total of about 1 hour plus of flight time, I don't ever find the controller battery down below about 75%. Theoretically, that gives me about 16 flight batteries for every charge of the controller, though that's obviously a little optimistic. Regardless, the controller battery will last through probably 8-10 flight batteries pretty easily.
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Yep same as AT said... I fly with 5 batteries and the controller stay on from start to finish including watching the video and pics I took during the day. Its still got 70% left in it.
Works great...only down side.... (it's not really a down side but) charge time take while

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