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  1. wernerjb

    Battery weight

    I have no access to a scale at the moment but need to know the weight of only the battery for an Xstar. On Autel's web-site it gives me the total weight, however my log book is asking for the weight of the drone, the camera and the battery. Thanks for any help I can get.
  2. dguyton670

    First bad battery

    I've been flying my (used) XSP for about a month now with no issues, love the bird and the camera/gimbal seems top-notch. When I realized they were being discontinued, I bit the bullet and ordered one new. That bird arrived today, and the battery seems dead. Won't wake up on the charger and...
  3. eyeman56

    Autel has batteries and props in stock

    I just ordered one battery $99.00 and 4 props ($10.00 for two) for a grand total of $119.00 Best of all they were in stock. I already have 5 batteries, I just had to have one more :) Bruce
  4. Btaylor9301

    Everything but the bird

    My X-Star Premium made a super fast landing.... crash. I am selling everything but the bird. One of the batteries is almost brand new (2017 Christmas Present). - Case - Charger - Controller - Gimbal parts - Prop wrench - Older battery, holds full charge
  5. HiloHawaiian

    Sudden battery power-drop in-flight

    Sudden power-drain in-flight can be a drone-loss issue. None of my 5 batteries have more than 30 charges. I had this happen yesterday flying through a grove of trees. Battery went to Home warning at 15%. I cancelled Home b/c it was close to me, and flying under a tree canopy — a sudden...
  6. QuadSquad

    Another battery question

    I have a question about a battery, that some one may have an idea of what's going on. I purchased a bundle, with several batteries included. One of the batteries, although it performs well, will allow me to get the low battery warning, but, it won't perform a return to home, automatically. The...
  7. H

    Controller battery life (XSP)

    Hi, I'm considering pulling the trigger on a X-Star Premium, but I could find how long the controller battery lasts. I was planning on buy 3-4 batteries for the aircraft. Would the controller battery last for let's say 80 minutes (4 batteries in the best scenario)? Thanks! -Hugo