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  1. F

    Autel Max 4T battery charger / HUB

    Hi Mates, I have been extensely looking in the internet for a charging hub of the Autel Max 4T batteries, but it still does not exist. Also the official charger is still not in stock. I have been researching about the battery voltages and charging inputs for the MAX 4T batteries, the charging...
  2. andrew124C41

    No Longer Available: Evo2 Batteries and Other Items For Sale

    For Sale: I purchased the Evo 2 Pro V3 RTK only because it was the most economical way to get the large Smart Controller. I don't need the RTK module itself. I also already had 3 new batteries so it makes no sense for me to have 2 extra lying around... Better to sell them now when they are brand...
  3. O

    Drone crash when battery went from 21% to 0% in 10 seconds...

    Hi team: So I did a short flight yesterday with my Nano plus (10month old). Taking off with a battery showing 61%. All is well until RTH is trigger when the battery is down to 24% after 5 minutes of flying. So I immediately started to fly back in a straight line. The battery was down to 21%...
  4. T

    Any bigger batteries for NANO+?

    2250 mAH is a bit small, the 25+ minutes of flight time has never actually been that long for me (more like 15-20). By the time I get the drone in place for video/pictures I am at like 50% Has anyone ever seen inside a battery? Is it possible to perhaps attach bigger battery in some way...
  5. AirStag

    Have you retired any batteries?

    I have six Evo II batteries and four of them are starting to bulge ever so slightly. I feel a little resistance when I insert them into the drone. These batteries all have 60-80 cycles according to the app. Is it time to pull them from service? I was hoping the app would give me some...
  6. M

    Pairing with controller too slow

    Hi all, I noticed that pairing of my Nano+ to my controller started to be slower. My question is how long takes pairing of your nano+ with controller. I used to have pairing in max. 10-20s, now it is more than 1 minute and my record is about 10 minutes. Do you know what can influence time of...
  7. mshmovie

    DISCOUNT: Evo II Pro Batteries - New 10% off - $197.10 before tax on Amazon with Promo code RUNEEGN6

    10% off Brand new Autel Evo II Batteries on Amazon with Promo Code RUNEEGN6 Link (Straight link - not affiliate): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08HMMK728/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have no idea how long this promotion will be active for; I jut stumbled into it and...
  8. L

    Evo II Pro controller just crapped out!

    Hi, I'm a part-107 in the Boston area and I've been very happy with my switch to Autel (bought the Evo II Pro Rugged bundle and LiveDeck from B&H Photo in October). Yesterday, I went to charge the batteries (inc. remote, which was charged to 38% at the time). I glanced at the charging...
  9. S

    Using phantom 3 batteries in x-star

    Hi, I have been trying to get my x-star off the ground now for the last 6 months. I cant believe we cant get batteries even a generic replacement from somewhere. Doesnt someone know which chinese factory made these in the first place and we put an order in, in bulk! Anyway I got a phantom 3...
  10. A

    import kml files? multi battery?

    How in the evo 2 pro 6k can I import kml or kmz files into autel explorer to program trips? And, is possible use more than one batery in a single (program) trips?
  11. C


    Hey Everyone, Very new to all of this I had a buddy of mine gift me a X-Star with a couple batteries, unfortunately both of them wouldn't take a charge. I was able to jump start them with the advice from the great people on this form and 1 of them is fine the other decided he was going to...
  12. quinn karter

    EVO 2 series Battery overheat, overheating, power failure

    TWICE, my 1st Evo 2 pro then my second Evo 2 pro overheated and the power failed. The Drones simply shut off and fell to the ground. The flight logs show a sudden loss of data or information as the power shut off. The descent or crash wasn't recorded on both drones. I live in Florida. Temps and...
  13. Volatus Drones

    Now Accepting Pre-Orders for the EVO2 PRCS Elite Charging System

    Starting the week of September 14, 2020 we will begin shipping pre-orders of the first production run of the highly anticipated EVO2 PRCS Elite Charging System by Colorado Drone Chargers. Anyone who has used a Colorado Drone Charger knows what a game changer they are for staying charged all day...
  14. H

    Swollen battery identification method

    This may not help everyone but it's my new way of determining if my battery is going bad. We all know swollen batteries are a sign of bad or going bad. I had my second one go bad in flight and got the Damaged Battery notice before it tried to return home. Looking closely at all my batteries I...
  15. D

    [SOLD] Autel Robotics Evo Batteries and Charging Hub Bundle + LowePro BackPack

    For Sale in Whittier, CA 90602: 3 Autel Evo Batteries 2 batteries have 5 charge cycles on them 1 battery has 3 charge cycles on it 1 Autel Evo Charging hub (used twice) 1 LowePro DroneGuard BP200 Backpack (fits DJI Mavic and Autel Evo) All items are in excellent and near like new condition...
  16. joshmentele

    Autel Evo Charger: $35

    I have for sale an Autel Evo battery charger that was used less than 10 times. My drone crashed so I am selling off the parts. It is in brand new condition, no scratches on it. Still has it's plastic protector. I would like $35 shipped for it, via Paypal.
  17. joshmentele

    Autel Evo Battery: $55

    I have for sale an Autel Robotics Evo battery that has been used less than 10 times. My drone crashed so I am selling off the parts. The battery works just fine, no damage other than scratches on it. The battery will have some noticeable scratches on it. I would like $55 or best offer shipped...
  18. wernerjb

    Battery weight

    I have no access to a scale at the moment but need to know the weight of only the battery for an Xstar. On Autel's web-site it gives me the total weight, however my log book is asking for the weight of the drone, the camera and the battery. Thanks for any help I can get.
  19. dguyton670

    First bad battery

    I've been flying my (used) XSP for about a month now with no issues, love the bird and the camera/gimbal seems top-notch. When I realized they were being discontinued, I bit the bullet and ordered one new. That bird arrived today, and the battery seems dead. Won't wake up on the charger and...
  20. eyeman56

    Autel has batteries and props in stock

    I just ordered one battery $99.00 and 4 props ($10.00 for two) for a grand total of $119.00 Best of all they were in stock. I already have 5 batteries, I just had to have one more :) Bruce