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***SOLD*** Autel Evo 2 - 6k Pro Bundle with lots of high quality extras


Apr 22, 2020
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This is a very nice drone package, everything you need and mostly the highest quality items available. There are very few hours on any of this stuff, maybe 30 or 40 at best. I just don’t use it like I thought I would. Includes:

Autel Evo 2 6K Pro drone with controller and 3 batteries. The controller has been factory modified by Alientech to use their long rage antenna (included).

Sandisk Extreme 32GB Type 3 high speed micro SD card and SD card reader

6 spare blades (3 CW and 3 CCW)

Evo 2 multi charger battery charging hub charges 4 batteries simultaneously.

Lifthor Mjolnir controller mount/tablet holder with neckstrap, also includes mounts for both tablets and cell phone. From website: The ULTIMATE and most ROBUST PREMIUM Tablet Holder IN THE WORLD for Autel EVO 1 & 2.The LifThor Mjølnir EVO BASE is made of 100% aluminium. It has a built in TRIPOD fixing point.LifThor Mjolnir EVO supports all tablet sizes from 7.9" (iPad mini) to 12.9" (iPad Pro). You can choose to use the front plate or not while flying. The LifThor Mjolnir EVO locks your remote control ROCK SOLID without the use of the arms.

ALIENTECH PRO 2.4G Antenna Signal Booster Range Extender with amplifier Accessories for Autel EVO / EVO 2 II Pro Drone. From website: ALIENTECH Pro 2.4G booster is suitable for Autel EVO / EVO II Drones. It has been effectively extended to increase the distance in the signal distance test, and improved anti-interference, after the modification of the remote control. Controller has been so factory modified. This alone is a $400 product not counting controller modification cost,

Full set of 8 Freewell ND camera filters

Nitecore 2 slot battry charger model UMS 2with active display. This is used to charge the rechargeable batteries in the alientech antenna.

Tripltek 8 inch color tablet/monitor Model T82, unlocked. Extremely bright, even in daylight use. Ultrabright 1200 NITS display. I’ve tried everything imaginable for a display. High end phones, both Apple and Android, various Android tablets, even the Crystal Sky. None work as well as this Tripltek.

Multi hub which provides 3 electrical outlets and 4 USB ports to all be used from power plug in. Everything can be charge at one.

Several right angle USB adapters which allow a neater operating hookup plus easier charging hookup. Main controller has fast magnetic hookup as standard port is difficult to reach. Also, all the various charging cables, adapters and flight operation cables.

All in a GPC Go professional custom case by Empire drones made to fit the Lifthor with controller mounted. I have modified this case quite a bit to properly fit all the above items. It has been modified nicely so nothing is unsightly. Everything looks like it was made that way.

$1750.00 plus shipping.


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