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Two X-Star Premium drones available with lots of extras


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Mar 2, 2017
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I've owned 2 X-Star Premium drones since 2017. I crashed one that summer, and worked with Autel on getting a replacement.

I lost interest in them after a year or so, and both drones have sat idle in their cases since. I dusted them off about a month ago, to find that the batteries wouldn't charge. I originally had a total of 8 batteries - 4 for each drone. I was able to (with the help of a friend from my local Ham Radio club) charge 7 of them by pre-charging them manually to "wake them up", as has been discussed here on the forum.

Both of the drones and their controllers are in like-new condition. Both drones have been powered up, but only one has been flown for one test flight. The drone operated normally, but the battery went from full charge to discharged in ~5 minutes. At that point I realized that each of these batteries are in an unknown state, and selling them for serious money was out of the question.

I am not selling these to try and make money. I just hate to see these two otherwise functioning drones end up in the trash heap. I live in the Los Angeles area, and will sell the whole lot - two operating drones in cases with 7 batteries of unknown long term status, plus 3 chargers, and around a dozen spare propellers. I will NOT ship them. If someone will give me $150 for the whole lot, picked up, AS IS, I will donate the proceeds to my local ham radio club to help with their operating expenses. If I hear nothing in the next month or so, I'll then dispose of them as trash.

Drones have been sold locally. Thank you for your interest.

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