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Taking photos...sloooow


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Feb 27, 2017
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I took my first photos with the XSP last night, and wow...you click the photo button, then watch the camera icon in the app spin for 15 to 20 seconds. Then you can take the next photo.

Is this normal?

My setup:
XSP, Shield K1 Tablet w/Android 7.something, Single photo, 16:9, jpg+raw, style standare, white balance auto, color none.

Oh...I bet it's the jpg+raw, isn't it? Those raw (dng) images are like 13Mb each, plus the 5Mb jpgs.

Maybe I answered my own question? :)
The cards that ship with the X-star are not really made for 4K video. I bought this one and use the original as a backup:
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB Class 10 UHS-I 95 MBps Read U3 V30 MicroSD Memory Card SDSQXXG-064G

I can take 5 AEB photos in JPG+RAW and the data gets written to the card in less than 10 seconds now, instead of the 20 it used to take.

In the interim, try downloading all the images off the card and reformatting it in the bird from the Starlink software (don't do it on your computer) and see if it works any better.
Ok cool, thanks guys. I don't even have any software that reads dng files yet, so I'm going to turn that off and just do jpg for now.

I downloaded everything off the (stock) card last night and was thinking about formatting it, so I'll do that today from the app before I fly.

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