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Maximum wind speed you can fly in?


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Dec 16, 2016
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I've been staying home if it gets much above 10mph; just wondering what everyone else thinks. Obviously with a top speed of 35mph, the XSP could probably handle a lot more, but I'm a new pilot so I'm trying to keep things safe. Also with the XSP's tendency to drift even with very little wind, I feel like I could get into trouble.
Not sure what the max really is but I flew it in winds over 20 mph yesterday and the drone did very well. I would not recommend it however to new drone owners, landing the drone was a little tricky.
I just flew in 25mph winds. Had no issues other than a little shaky video while trying to yaw. Drone itself though handled it like a champ.
When flying in XSP in wind above 20 mph just make sure that your camera is not in FPV, it should be flown in stabilize mode and you'll have no problems with your video or your XSP. The way the XSP is set up the only thing you will need to worry about and that's really not a worry is the gust or should I say wind gust. Fly safe my friends.
The XSP seems to do fine in windy conditions. The real problem shows up when you try to land. I think that's when you want to do the mid-air hand grab . . . Just sayin'.
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I tested mine in some gusty winds, did fine. Its good to get some flight time in calm before going up in the wind. Once your flying skills improve you will be confident in windy conditions, and out of beginning mode. So far I really like this model. I fly heads up with the Phantom guys all the time. Right on par.

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