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First Flight


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Dec 3, 2016
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North Carolina
Finally the day came that I could take this new hobby outside for flying. I can say that I am very impressed with the flight characteristics of this drone. All went fairly well until my second landing, which I selected auto land, and upon touching down, the bird just tipped over with the blades still spinning and really dug up the grass with no visible damage to props or body. Most likely it was pilot error however by me pulling back on the stick instead of letting the motors automatically shut down.

Other than that, this was a joyful experience and well worth the wait.

Edit: Should have posted this in the XStar Thread instead of Premium as I do own the WiFi version. Sorry Mods.
I had the same thing happen to me with a tipping over upon Landing in the blades digging in. Like yours they also held up pretty well. I must agree this is a very sturdy drone

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My son-in-law has a P3S and he says the Xstar is built like a tank compared to his. I don't plan on seeing if that is the case though.;)
I had a tip over occur when I did not shut the motors down all the way. I landed, and the motors slowed (so slow I could not hear them and had to walk closer to see that they were still spinning), but they were still turning. After a few seconds they started to speed up, faster and faster until the bird tried to lift and tipped over. I repeated this a few times (without the tip-over) and it happens every time. Make sure they are completely off after landing.

As far as durability goes, I had a pilot error incident that forced me to emergency land out in the desert. I could not see the landing, but video was running. It showed the x-star hit the ground so hard that it bounced several feet in the air before landing again. No damage at all to the x-star.
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Curious if you think this may have been pilot error or are these aircraft just not shutting down as they are suppose. I did not allow mine to shut down on its own and pulled downward on the stick. Auto-land together with pulling the stick down may have caused it for me.
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My son-in-law has a P3S and he says the Xstar is built like a tank compared to his. I don't plan on seeing if that is the case though.;)
Dont bother finding out mate, I did and i can assure you all... it is a tank. I hit a volcanic rock wall at 3/4 speed straight on. It still flies perfectly...go figure.
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