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Dronetag BS install inside a Evo 2

Remember transferable RID only applies to recreational flying for those drones.
Is this a new term now, "transferable" RID?

Pretty sure you can move your external remote ID from one drone to another regardless if it's commercial or recreational but you'll probably have to go thru some sort of re-registration and pay additional fees on the commercial side.

Are we suggesting that once you add a broadcast module to a commercial drone, it's locked in for good? Cannot be "transferred?" My guess is you delete it and then add it back elsewhere. I'm not 107 so I do not know if it cost money to do this today or how exactly it work. The FAA database can't be that complex. ;)

I know what you are supposed to do on commercial, one drone, one tag...but is that how the database really works?
Quick update on my BS installation. I connected it up to an external PS and replicated the issue. It was barely drawing any power so I started to wonder if it just needed an old fashioned reset for some reason. Performed a factory reset and it was working with GNSS reception.

Reinstalled it into the drone and works fine. Now that I've got it installed and running it's a pretty slick little board. Mounted it above the gimbal in the mini and have no doubt I could have found a good location on the Evo 2. If only it hadn't found that branch....

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