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Does Nano record GPS data in subtitles files along with video?


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May 21, 2022
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DJI drones, even the most cheap models such as Mini SE, when the user records a video, store data such as GPS position, altitude, ISO settings etc, in a subtitles text file (*srt) that goes with the video and is very useful to know where and when each frame of the video was shot. I know that Autel EVO II also create a subtitles file (*asss filetype i think).
Does Nano/Nano+ record such data in subtitles file? Or alternatively, does it embed it in the video file itself?
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I can confirm that the Nano+ and presumably the Nano embed the subtitle track in the video file. I was able to use the freeware command line program "FFMPEG" to quickly extract the subtitle track and write it to an .srt file. Update rate is once a second. The Lat-Lon resolution appears to be quite good in my test where I traveled for 3km directly above a dirt road and the track I produced from the extracted .srt file never deviated from the 3 meter wide roadway below.

The command line structure to perform this operation:
" ffmpeg -i inputFilename.MP4 outputFilename.srt "

Once you have the .srt file you can then use a text document viewer like Notepad++ to open the .srt file and manually extract points of interest.

With a little more work you can use Notepad++ to reformat the .srt file into an easily processed excel spreadsheet file. Then you save as a .CSV file and you can convert into a GPS track file that you can display on google maps or google earth.

There are online conversion tools available to convert .srt files from DJI drones but I haven't seen any that are compatible with Autel .srt files. If anyone knows of an Autel .srt file compatible tool please let us know!

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