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Creating GeoTiffs for GIS App (Avenza) Use - Having Difficulty


Dec 22, 2021
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Good morning, I am having difficulty creating a geotiff file I can use in Avenza via Maps Made Easy and Agisoft Metashape. The files will be utilized via Avenza for my forestry business to aid with laying out prospective harvest work. I have a trial subscription with Pix4Dreact I received when I purchase my EVO 2 Pro V2 in January. The geotiff files from Pix4Dreact work within the Avenza app (IOS and Android), but I am evaluating other processing options. I know the Autel Explorer app highlights EXIF compatibility with Pix4D (I would really appreciate knowing what makes it compatible) which I assume what makes the Pix4Dreact geotiff work in Avenza, but don't understand 'why'. I noticed one glaring discrepancy between geotiff files created with Agisoft and Maps Made Easy versus Pix4Dreact is the pixel resolution listed in the map information section within the Avenza app on my Iphone. The Agisoft and Map Made Easy pixel resolution values are nonsensical. For example, the pixel resolution stated in Avenza's map information setting of a geotiff processed by Agisoft has a pixel resolution of 68,420.275 meters whereas the same site processed by Pix4Dreact has a pixel resolution of 0.027 meters. Pixel resolution of maps processed by Maps Made Easy is in the tens of thousands of meters as well.

I am wondering if there is an intermediate step that needs to occur with geotiffs produced away from Pix4D such as prep work in QGIS (just learned of QGIS a couple weeks ago) to make it compatible with a GIS application such as Avenza? The number of braincells scarified trying to make sense of the issue is embarrassing. Any insight on why this occurs would be immensely appreciated!

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