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Battery issues - how prevalent is it?

Joe Thompson

Nov 12, 2016
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I've read of some of the XSP batteries getting rapid drains like from 60% down to 5 or 10% almost instantly, causing crashes or unprogrammed landings because the drop was happened so quickly. Who here has experienced this kind of event? If prevalent, is Autel addressing it adequately for a fix?
There is no fix for this. It's been happening for years. My Phantom 2 crashed to earth while hovering due to a battery failure. DJi put it down to pilot error to avoid replacing it. Once I showed the gopro evidence they had a change of heart and i got a full refund. Batteries will always fail. Look around you, Karma just had a recall due to it falling out of the sky. Sad indeed as we need competition BUT gopro did the honorable thing to recall them all at a huge cost to them.
It's all down to the luck of the draw with batteries.
Not with my 5 XSP batteries. They have worked great so far. The only issue I am noticing is the free battery I got from Autel. its charging differently to the others and seems to run a couple of minutes less than the other 4. No idea why but when it did arrive to me (im in Australia) it had no green lights on. So i put it on charge and ran it that afternoon just to let it drain then charged it up again. But def has a shorter flight run the the others.

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