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Arrow inside circle at the top of the app


Mar 7, 2017
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What does this arrow represent? The one on the rc screen corresponds to the way the aircraft is pointed, but the one in the status bar doesnt seem to do the same thing. IN the manual it says its the yaw angle, but I thought this would be the same as the one on the rc. It's shows nine oclock o nthe app when the one on the rc is at twelve
i flew today and seen the same thing, the one in the app at the top shows the correct heading of the aircraft, the one one the tx screen seems to be about 90 deg off on mine.
The upper shows heading with no North lock. Most people have the map view set to locked North. Go into map view and unlock it and you will see the indicator at the top circle will turn in unison.
I figured that out quick with regards to the north lock setting. But I am refering to the arrow in the circle on the top of the app screen in relation to the arrow on the small screen of the transmitter. The one on the transmitter appears to be a relation from the nose of the aircraft to the radio(if it's pointed up you going away from the transmitter, down your coming back towards it). The one at the top of the map and I can't figure out it's purpose at all.
This thread caught my interest, so I decided to try a little experimentation. I took the quad outside and set up everything as if I were going to fly. I calibrated the compass and then set the drone down facing north. I took the transmitter and stood behind the quad also facing north. The transmitter icon faced up (north) and the map (locked) also faced north. The icon at the top (inside the battery circle) just rotated slowly around. I unlocked the map and saw that it was also rotating slowly around. I am guessing that the top icon is tied to the accuracy of the tablets internal compass. On my tablet, it does not seem to be all that accurate. Then I relocked the map screen and moved clockwise around the quad until the transmitter was facing east. The icon on the transmitter did not move and still pointed straight up the same as when I was standing behind it. The map icon also had not changed. Still pointed north. The icon on top of the screen was continuing to slowly rotate. I then rotated the quad around to the east. (transmitter and quad both same direction) The transmitter icon was now pointing to the right. The map icon had also turned to the right and showed the quad pointing east.
The best I can figure is that the transmitter icon and the map icon will show the compass direction of the quad regardless of it's relation to the transmitter. I have no idea what the icon in the little circle is telling me. I also find that for me at least. unlocking the map compass is no help. Just seems to be too confusing. I will continue to play with this but for now I believe the best way to know what the quad is doing is the map screen and to always know which way north, south, east, and west is. Thanks
I had a thought after I my experiences (see above). Does anyone know if the quadcopter icons behave differently while in flight as opposed to sitting on the ground. I can't check it today because of the wind. Something to remember for the next time.

Today when I was flying I noticed that the behavior of the icon on the Starlink app had changed. It used to just mimic the icon on the transmitter screen, but today (on my last battery) I noticed that the triangle icon would move away from the center when I flew away and come back to the center when I flew it back, and was no longer locked into North-up orientation. I wish I had remembered to turn on my screen recorder and didn't want to do it mid-flight. :eek: Seems that would just invite a problem.

I also noticed another (new to me) option on the settings screen but don't recall exactly what that was.

Did I somehow toggle another mode by accident or did an update for Starlink come out that I didn't notice? I do have the tablet set to auto-update apps.
Here's the response I got from Andrew at Autel (BTW he's awesome at dealing with questions/ issues!)

"On the built-in LCD screen, the arrow indicates the compass heading. the top of the screen is north and the bottom is south.
The arrows in the app show the aircraft's direction relative to its home point. As you fly further out you with see the arrow leave the center point and if you point the arrow back to the center of that graph the aircraft will then be facing the home point.

Hope this helps with understanding the arrows and directions. It can be a bit confusing at times. "
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Red Alert, ok I understand the arrow on the lcd screen, but as for the arrows on the app, I'm still a bit confused. The one on the map screen I understand because it shows both the home point and the direction of the quad. But the arrow at the top of the app screen inside the battery circle does not seem to have a reference to anything. I'm sure I will eventually figure this out, but right now I feel as dumb as a box of rocks.

John, I believe if your tablet or phone has a compass in it, the map can be set to rotate to always reflect the proper orientation as you turn around. In that case, the arrow on the app will denote north.

My Galaxy Tab A apparently has no internal compass, so my map is locked with North at the top of the screen and the arrow remains stationary, designating map north.

Please correct me if I'm wrong...
Ok, I think I got it now. Since I have only had my quad for a couple of weeks I have been flying in beginner mode. Yesterday, I flew out between 500 and 700 feet. That is when I noticed the arrow inside the circle moving away from the center point which I assume is the home point. Just to check, I turned the quad until the arrow was pointed at the center point in the little circle, and flew the quad forward. Sure enough, a few moments later I saw the quad heading straight for me. I think I have is finally figured out. Thanks to all.


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