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  1. K

    Another about FW 1.1.6

    Hello all. I wonder if any of you might have advice. I have a new Dual V3 and have been unsuccessful in updating the with the new firmware 1.1.6. Android and the app are both apparently current, but no matter what I try I cannot get the firmware to “take”. OTA fails on upload telling me to...
  2. pyrozyme

    EVO Max 4T / Firmware Update "Firmware file verification failed"

    Greetings. I did my first flights with the new Max today and was really happy with it. However... As expected there were firmware updates for the drone and controller. Both downloaded well and after the controller updated it requested that I restart the drone and the controller, which I did. Now...
  3. M

    Pairing with controller too slow

    Hi all, I noticed that pairing of my Nano+ to my controller started to be slower. My question is how long takes pairing of your nano+ with controller. I used to have pairing in max. 10-20s, now it is more than 1 minute and my record is about 10 minutes. Do you know what can influence time of...
  4. Ansia

    All Explorer App Versions, Firmwares, & Manuals

    Here are all the Explorer app versions I could find for the Evo and Evo II. If you have one that it's not on the list, please add it as well. Evo https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgxiITMqapSSbhwAt_cRIBy458c?e=9gnhwy https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgxiITMqapSSbdOJiZps6rzz5k8?e=wDAOvY...
  5. B

    Failed To Set Up Camera Parameters

    Hi everyone, Just got my new Evo yesterday! Hooray! I was getting everything set up this morning and received an alert to update the firmware. I followed everything to the letter but now I keep getting this failure message when I go to change different camera settings such as frame rate...
  6. Btaylor9301

    Battery or Bird failure

    HELP!?!? What happened?? I was flying a way point mission, pre-scouted area for any obstruction, nothing within 1/2 mile. Upon completion of the mission I had 57% battery life. Bird rose to 300 ft. which was the programmed altitude. Immediately upon reaching 300 feet the battery dropped from...
  7. R

    Firmware Update 2.0.12

    I am having issues with parts of the update: Flight Control (failed) Each Item retries 2 times before failing. The Flight Control part immediately starts with red lights and beeping sound then fails. The batteries are updating. Sonar failed on two tries then finally updated on the third try...
  8. digital4narchy

    Autoland... like a brick

    so new firmware update... - auto land is alarming. Wow it just drops..seems to hit the ground pretty hard. - this thing is much more responsive letting off the stick from forward motion puts on the " brakes" but it seems like the reverse thrust is way too much. these are new issues that...
  9. PRMath

    Thoughts on NFW

    Ran it thru some paces....... impressive snappy actions. I am wondering about the defaults I set before....... did they change? Also....... when you do the initial upgrade and battery upgrade....... That battery will be depleted down to about 25%. When I first launched, I got a quick Low...
  10. D

    Beta Firmware Now Available

    Link below. What’s New: Optimized flight control algorithm. Improved response speed. Shorter braking distance. Faster max descending speed. Fixed YAW issue. YAW sensitivity adjustment EXP is now available. Optimized compass algorithm. Fixed crash issue caused by magnetic interference/compass...
  11. DHunt

    Please say it isn't so!!!

    Ok, so I am really worried now! Between the out of stocks on Autel site, and now this Autel | B&H Photo Video Autel | B&H Photo Video It's not looking good at all!!! I so hope I am wrong!
  12. digital4narchy

    Firmware? Doubtful

    :( Alright, ive been waiting almost 9 months now for this "fabled firmware update" wouldn't it just make more sense for them to just put out another model and move on now...I mean Christ they just keep saying, next month, next month...I mean that's what the Autel guys say! so really does anyone...