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firmware update

  1. Mbarrington2

    Beta firmware 1.3.3

  2. S

    Issue Trying To Update Firmware

    I have placed X3P_FW_900M_V2.0.12.bin file onto a SD card and placed that in my drone. Then it began to update. It said that it was successful so I removed the battery ready to do it a further 3 times and lights flash yellow then continue to constantly beep and all 4 corners are flashing red...
  3. S

    Camera disconnect after firmware upgrade

    I ran the beta versions of the latest f/w without issue. Just downloaded and installed release version, updated IOS Starlink app. Running on iPad Pro or iPhone 7+ with latest iOS version. Drone and rc connect, I have video link and lcd shows everything working. Starlink is not recognizing the...
  4. G

    Logbook after beta firmware update (2.0.1)

    Hello guys! I would like to share with you my perception after update from firmware 1.1.3 to beta 2.0.1. - The aircraft tend to turn slightly to the right sometimes (when supposed to fly straight). A minor correction is needed in the control - it happened twice - RTH seems little strange. Even...