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firmware update

  1. C

    Updating firmware issue

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased my Lite+ I upgraded firmware immediately. it said upgrade failed but the version number on drone did change I no longer get a update firmware message. After searching Autels website I could not find a download section for firmware on the lite+ and can’t find...
  2. advexure

    Firmware Updates on the EVO II Enterprise

    Both Advexure and Autel receive many inquiries and questions regarding firmware updates on the Autel EVO II Enterprise Series. Our good friend Jon McBride at Autel Robotics has created a very helpful video to walk through the update procedure for both OTA (over the air) and manual updates via...
  3. Mbarrington2

    Beta firmware 1.3.3

  4. S

    Issue Trying To Update Firmware

    I have placed X3P_FW_900M_V2.0.12.bin file onto a SD card and placed that in my drone. Then it began to update. It said that it was successful so I removed the battery ready to do it a further 3 times and lights flash yellow then continue to constantly beep and all 4 corners are flashing red...
  5. S

    Camera disconnect after firmware upgrade

    I ran the beta versions of the latest f/w without issue. Just downloaded and installed release version, updated IOS Starlink app. Running on iPad Pro or iPhone 7+ with latest iOS version. Drone and rc connect, I have video link and lcd shows everything working. Starlink is not recognizing the...
  6. G

    Logbook after beta firmware update (2.0.1)

    Hello guys! I would like to share with you my perception after update from firmware 1.1.3 to beta 2.0.1. - The aircraft tend to turn slightly to the right sometimes (when supposed to fly straight). A minor correction is needed in the control - it happened twice - RTH seems little strange. Even...