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Logbook after beta firmware update (2.0.1)


Aug 29, 2017
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Hello guys!
I would like to share with you my perception after update from firmware 1.1.3 to beta 2.0.1.

- The aircraft tend to turn slightly to the right sometimes (when supposed to fly straight). A minor correction is needed in the control - it happened twice

- RTH seems little strange. Even set to engage at 25% in Starlink App when hits 35% it’s start the procedure.

- RTH activated for the second time after deviate from the original RTH position. The aircraft came to RTH as it should and I press pause to cancel the command at 2m height. I was hovering to another point distant 50m and the RTH started the sequence again. I believe it is a normal procedure even in my previous firmware but never experienced that before.

- RTH aircraft came back to home on sideway (the side that was pointed to RTH) and not faced straight as usual. Seems it returned as is and it was very weird to watch on the phone.

- Auto Landing not wobbling anymore but to fast and sometimes it does not slow down hitting the ground hard enough to start cause damage in the landing gear (luckily I was in the grass).

- Aircraft disconnected just once after compass calibration - aircraft restart needed - never happened before

- No disconnection during the flights - very solid 3 km distance tested. My record is 4.9km with the original firmware, brand new battery and no mods.

- More fast and sharp during flights.

- My gimbal needs a fine adjustment before flights (-6) to keep the horizon. The beta firmware does not corrected that for me.

- In my opinion firmware 1.1.3 was more precise on landings (max. 1 meter from original take-of position was normal). Now it tend to have 2-2/5 meters deviation.

- The YAW is really great, but I must say it wasn’t a real problem for me before.

- No problems with NFZ or heights restrictions - Probably because I'm in Brazil.

- I like the Zoom feature

Original firmware - 1.1.3 (Approx eighty flights)
Upgraded to: 2.0.1 (seven flights)

Glauco Rod
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Thanks for an excellent report!!!!

What concerns me is the wide range of results reported. I don't understand that.

I haven't had any odd behavior. But my range is nowhere near what it was when the drone was new. I just keep losing distance. I wouldn't consider trying to fly a mile away now. In the beginning I could get 1.25 easily.
Interesting report, thanks for the details you experienced. Odd that your auto landing is fast, mine slowed down and was more gentle on the XSP post beta firmware. I did have a little drift right after update. Re-calibrated compass again in very open area and it went away.

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