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  1. kdub2051

    Satellite Beach Florida Sunrise

    Some HDR shots with EVO early morning at Satellite Beach FL. Edited using Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9. ISO 100; Freewell ND16 and ND32 filters.
  2. W

    IOS App is available on request

    If you want the ios app all you need is to send Autel a message with the serial number of your drone and your apple ID email and they will send you a private link to download the beta! It works great for me!
  3. W

    Horizon Tilt FIX!

    Looks like we are nearing the update everyone was hoping for! A horizon tilt fix!
  4. Swoop66

    B&H order did not include case

    Got my EVO today from B&H. Unless I have to add water to the silica gel packs and foam blocks to reconstitute the case, it didn't come with one. My order was place June 10, so I expected one based on other reports here. Pictured is everything I received. The EVO product box was a little beat...
  5. A

    Rear Sensors not working?

    Could someone else please confirm whether or not the rear sensors are working? Shouldn't the rear sensors prohibit you from hitting something behind the Evo? By the looks of the video, it seems like the front and bottom sensors are doing their job, but not the rear. Thanks
  6. btntx

    Good information here

    It’s pretty long but he provides a lot of good information.
  7. JR Videography

    Will YOU be buying the Autel EVO?

    Wanted to poll the forum to gauge how many are interested in (and possibly not interested in) Autel's new drone, the EVO. Feel free to explain your reasoning below!
  8. B

    EVO From A X Star Premium / DJI Mavic Owners Perspective

    Here is my take on the EVo after having owned both the X Star Premium and DJI Mavic: "Autel Robotics EVO A Real DJI Mavic Competitor"