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  1. S

    Evo 2 Pro suicides itself into a tree...

    Been flying for almost 8 years and this is the second drone crash I have had. The first being a DJI mavic Air that RTH on its own into trees due to losing signal from the controller while standing 7 feet from it. This time, I was flying the Autel Evo 2 pro. Flown this for over a year now and its...
  2. J

    Tripltek 8" Pro Tablet for sale

    Tripltek 8" Pro Tablet. This thing is a beast. TriplTek 8" Pro Site and Specs
  3. J

    SOLD: Autel Evo Lite+ Premium Bundle w/ Hard Case

    I've literally flown this twice. I just have too many drones and need to make room in the closet. It makes pretty pictures and video, but it's kind of the odd man out and needs to go to someone who'll fly it more. It's in great condition (as you'd expect for a drone with so little use) and...
  4. A

    DJI-Like aggresive braking

    Hello guys! Beeing a DJI/FIMI pilot until recently, I decided to spend my hard earned student money, to buy myself an Evo 2. Every DJI Mavic drone, and the FIMI X8 SE 2020, got an aggresive braking feature you can use to stop the drone faster, to avoid any collisions, You can toggle this by...
  5. B

    As New ND Filter Set + ND1000 for Evo 1

    Hi everyone I recently sold my Evo and still have avirtually brand new set of ND filters. I had also bought an extra ND1000 ($49 for this one filter) that I planned on using for long exposure photos but never even used it once. I am a professional aerial cinematographer at Romero Pictures...
  6. P

    Intermitent Gimble vibration after crash

    So the other day I hit a palm tree and my Evo took a fall from bout 20 ft. I checked it out and it seemed fine. I even flew it around the lotca bit and the resulting footage was good. The next day i flew again, but when i got back and viewed what I'd shot.. There was serious wobble in the...
  7. EVO_Trimmed_Demo and basic intro to EVO R/C

    EVO_Trimmed_Demo and basic intro to EVO R/C

    Demo on the dedicated functionality that is utilized by just using the R/C by itself without any assistance from external sources, Such as a PC/Mobile Phone/ Tablet, etc... Very intuitive once you get the hang of it, and I had to cut lots out due to the restrictive file size you can upload.
  8. Ansia

    All Explorer App Versions, Firmwares, & Manuals

    Here are all the Explorer app versions I could find for the Evo and Evo II. If you have one that it's not on the list, please add it as well. Evo https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgxiITMqapSSbhwAt_cRIBy458c?e=9gnhwy https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgxiITMqapSSbdOJiZps6rzz5k8?e=wDAOvY...
  9. jcommstudios

    Interesting EVO launch from metal structure

    I have been doing a series of progress videos for the restoration of the MV Aurora, a 300 ft. museum ship located in my area. I have previously flown from the road to eliminate any mag interference and compass deviation. I decided to launch directly from the ships deck and upon start up...
  10. D

    [SOLD] Autel Robotics Evo Batteries and Charging Hub Bundle + LowePro BackPack

    For Sale in Whittier, CA 90602: 3 Autel Evo Batteries 2 batteries have 5 charge cycles on them 1 battery has 3 charge cycles on it 1 Autel Evo Charging hub (used twice) 1 LowePro DroneGuard BP200 Backpack (fits DJI Mavic and Autel Evo) All items are in excellent and near like new condition...
  11. MPdroner

    Tennessee Sunset

    Sunset flight in middle Tennessee - Mt. Juliet area. Finding the dynamic range in the EVO raw files a little better than the Mavic.
  12. Eric Kranich

    Communauté Francophone d'utilisateur de Drone EVO AUTEL ROBOTICS

    Bonjour, je crée ce post afin que la communauté francophone puisse plus facilement échanger leurs expériences d'utilisations des Drones EVO AUTEL ROBOTICS.
  13. SD_PIlot


  14. SD_PIlot

    Pet Peeve - Blaming crash on everything else but ?

    What is it with these folks who blame everything around them but themselves when a crashed occurred by their own doing. Just read somewhere else where the guy reported that one of the legs of the Evo broke off in mid-flight ? What? He blamed the Evo that it was somehow faulty and had to ship it...
  15. B

    Failed To Set Up Camera Parameters

    Hi everyone, Just got my new Evo yesterday! Hooray! I was getting everything set up this morning and received an alert to update the firmware. I followed everything to the letter but now I keep getting this failure message when I go to change different camera settings such as frame rate...
  16. S

    Autel Evo using 4Hawks SR antenna not getting better range.

    Hi, I just bought the 4Hawks SR antenna but I don't see any improvement in range. I still get about the same range as the normal antennas. The signal bars shown at the top of the Explorer app start to go down only after around 2km or 1.2miles. I keep getting a message "video signal is weak at...
  17. jcommstudios

    EVO 4K @ 100mbps!

    I am super happy with the EVO's 100mbps footage. I put together a new Win10 pro workstation to cut full 4K at 100mbps to keep a high level of color info for the edit. This machine is an absolute dream to edit with and to color grade with. It's running the Premier Suite and some other software I...
  18. Apollo11capcom

    SOLD! :( final price. Autel Evo Package Deal

    SOLD! :( Reduced, final price... For sale: Autel Evo with lots of extras! This drone is an absolutely fantastic, reliable piece of engineering that I'd like to hang on to, but I have to finance the purchase of another camera for another drone. If you're going to buy one new, remember you're...
  19. tdhart

    EVO Sunset Flight

    I wanted to see how the EVO did in a low-light / sunset situation. The answer was... Not bad at all, IMHO. This is a concrete tower atop a set of hills not far from me. Last time I looked, I could not find any information on the purpose of the structure. I was thinking (based on the fact that...