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X-Star Battery News

I have reached out to Joshua at Max Amps for help with the X-Star batteries. He would like a battery sent to him. It does not have to be a good battery but he needs one for measuring the cells and seeing what has to be done to get us some batteries. We talked about making available a rebuild kit for DIY as well as rebuilding in house and making a whole new battery. I'm awaiting an email back. All 3 of my batteries are still air worthy and if someone could help by supplying a battery for Joshua, we can get this started. Please let me know what you all think about this.
Thanks everyone!
If this is still a thing, I would be able to provide a battery.
I will him one if he would contact me with his info. He can email me at [email protected].
Thanks for the interest in helping. Max Amps is no longer interested in helping to provide us with battery replacements.
I think I have some cells that are going to work. I just have to get the time to devote to it.
Has anybody looked into the code?? to see if we change the code, we can make the battery. I Have tried to just onnect a 22.2v to the battery board but it still says not a known battery. So it's the code that stops use from using our own battery!

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