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Waypoints with square or round corners?


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Jul 2, 2023
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I’m just getting into doing some way point work with Evo2 V3 . On the surface it looks to me like waypoints aonly have square corners . Is there a way or a work around for programming a mission with radiused corners? In the past I have done this with DJI & litchi App or auto pilot when that was a thing.
i think the latest sw update has the rounded corners; or maybe it's the beta sw. i can't remember since there are so many drone versions, not yet for v1 and v2 but maybe v3? it's here in the forum, you just need to read through a few threads for the answers. was an "issue" with autel missions for a long, long time.
Make sure you are on latest firmware and app. Then in the mission planning app turn on coordinated turns option. This works for V2 and V3.
There is no coordinated turns option in the mission planning software on the smart controller software version 6.0.26 I do also have the SE controller but its not with me at the moment Maybe there is a feature set difference between the SE controller and the smart controller?
Trying a few waypoint missions with my E2V3 and smar controller. The mission planner works but is quite basic. My favorite use of Lichi with my previous Mavic was to program a flight route with altitudes and shape but no heading, gimbal pitch, or speed parameters. Tht way you could launch a mission for video have the sotware/ aircraft fly the route and operate the speed, gimbal pitch, and heading manually. In this way you could use the system as airborne motion control with user contollable options while “on the fly” , do multiple passes in short order with different speeds and camera movement timing with an organic feel to them . Autel E2V3 pro Waypoint missions really comes up short in this regard.
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