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The promised firmware update first quarter of 2017, still coming?

Tom Z

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Dec 6, 2016
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Anyone hear any more news in refs to this new firmware upgrade that Autel said would be released Q1 of 2017?
Dont quote me but i have heard its going to be the end of march or possibly first of april.
End of April now is what I heard. They are still in the Alfa stage and not even moved on to the beta stage from what the Autel people are saying on facebook. Thats not good if you ask me.
I am curious as to your sources. I never see much info online from Autel.

Tim at Autel, spoke to him 2 weeks ago about an issue I was having discussed the new firmware and what it will entail along with changes to waypoints and new things in store for that option as well.

One of the things he stressed was the stability fixes, yaw fixes and other things that the update will open up for the future things they have planned.
Update from Kenneth AR on the Facebook group about 30 mins ago

I wanted to drop by and give an update on a few things we are working on...

First the new firmware (yes, it is still being tested, tuned and tweaked) but it is starting to look very solid. You saw the preview of the firmware at CES; it's gotten better.

The estimate to begin limited rollout is mid to second half of April with release end of April. This is assuming nothing critical is found as we finalize testing.

Functionally, the changes are mainly for stability with a few enhancements to autonomous missions.

Stay tuned. Beta app update next.
Well, there were people who waited for the first coming. Maybe it will be here just after Easter!:)

Now for something completely different...

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It was a video to get Autel off their butts to give the consumers what they have promised in the month of May. Something they have not delivered.
I posted this to their facebook page and about 30 minutes later they came up with this little trinket.

Hongfei AR shared a link.
1 hr
Hello, X-Star Owners,
We are working to release a new version of the Android app soon V2.0.3.18. The main features we have added in this version are:
1. Offline Mission Planner: Users can create/edit/save waypoint mission when the aircraft is offline.
2. Find My X-Star: Displays the last 3 positioning points+ key flight data on the map view when the aircraft is disconnected.
3. Photo Sharing: Users can share JPEGs and videos within 1080P.

If you would like to try (or beta test) the app prior to the official release, you can do so by following below steps.
Disclaimer - Please note that this is a beta version of Android Starlink App which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. Any downloading or using the app is done at the user’s own will and risk and the user will be solely responsible for any issues that result from such activities.
Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems with the app, please let us know immediately by sending an email to: [email protected] and provide a detailed description of the issues and the model of the mobile device you are using. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.
To use the beta app,
First, use your mobile device to visit this link: Sign in - Google Accounts
Second, Login with your Google Playstore registered account, if you are not already logged in.
Third, Click the "Become a Tester".
Fourth, click the link - download the Autel robotics Starlink app on google play. ( the link is normally sitting toward the bottom of the page )
Fifth - Click "Install" and you will get the download installed.
At any time, if you do not want to use the beta app, or want to revert back to the google play store app, you can search “Autel Starlink” in Google Playstore, and at the bottom of the “Starlink” app page, click “LEAVE” to leave the beta test group. Then uninstall the beta app, and you will be able to re-install the Playstore released app."

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