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Nano Plus ISSUES - collective thread

I haven't seen evidence of a sharpening filter being applied, (ringing) but I will look for it.
And if your aim is 'pro'-duction, we expect to do tweaking in post.
There is sharpening. You can see the halo it produces around contrasting edges. You may need to view it on a 4k display to appreciate what is actually happening. Downscaled to 1080 on a monitor or phone will look "ok", but it's still there.

Tweaking in post does not equal having a decent image at capture. Once the sharpening is there (and the exaggerated aliasing it produces), it can't be removed. Adding blur will only remove actual detail, not the artificial sharpening. Further, sharper does not equal better. This is like the TVs at big box stores, the contrast, color and sharpness are all cranked because people say they love how sharp and colorful the image is. For those who know, it's kinda funny. Just like the Evo 2 Pro. The default is a sharpened, contrasty and saturated image. You can dial it down (-3,-3, -3 etc). When you dial it down, it's not subtracting sharpness... it's just not ADDING it. All cameras add sharpening, unless you are given controls to minimize it.

Nearly all drones now have Sharpenss, Contrast and Saturation controls, at minimum. This is not asking for something new or special. Not everyone thinks that sharp image is "Better". Many folks (including me) think it's a drag that it's artificially locked to that image profile... Auto settings in LOG and the same amount of sharpening is actually counter to most LOG profiles. Most LOG profiles have a LOG exposure curve, lower saturation AND lower amount of sharpening in camera.

The only reason I bought the Nano+ is for travel and the sub 250g that allows use in places the bigger brother isn't allowed. The image is fairly good for a small craft, but it could be SO much better.
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I have one tiny addition but it could be just me (I'd say landing category). I have a small landing pad and if I'm not super careful to place it perfectly flat the drone slides off slowly once landed (feet and pad both slippery). When this happens the drone never turns off the propellers even though it is already landed so if I'm not careful it ends up cutting the grass while falling off the pad. I'm not sure if the drone detects the sliding as "not yet landed" but would be nice if the propellers are off when it does that. Then again I'm a beginner so maybe is just me.
Have you tried smearing some silicon (drying kind) on the ends of legs for grip?

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