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Magnetic Interference


Dec 11, 2016
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I attached a Tile tracker to my X-star ( zip tied it to the landing gear ). It flew fine the first time I used it, today and had all kind of trouble with magnetic interference took 3 times to get the compass calibrated. After 2 minutes of flight time maybe 100 yards away lost Compess due to magnetic interference. Flew it back and removed the Tile tracker, recalibrate compass if flew fine after that.
For those that add something like this to there drone where do you mount it?
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Remember that the compass magnetometers are located on the landing gear. Because of that I placed my Trackimo in the middle of one of the legs by zip tying it. You have to keep it away from the downward sections of the legs.
I put a zip tie right around the Trackimo from top to bottom and then I attached that to a long zip tie going between the two legs by using another. It's like a little sling.

The Trackimo is a GPS cellular tracker so it puts out a bit of RF.

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You can probably make it pretty secure because a tile has a little holenin it that a little zip tie should work great in. I would use that as a safety in case it slips out of the sling.

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I got excited about drones when my contractor inspected my roof with a Mavik Pro. He had no trouble zooming above my roof and staying away from close, tall trees.
So, I got the X-Star Premium. I have tried once to do what he did. Got "Magnetic Interference" several times and did repeated compass calibrations. Got a "safe to fly". Very unstable and crashed into a tree.
Today, went to a wide open space and flew as I had originally intended, no problems! But boring, high school football field.
So with a tiny bit of experience I set up in my home driveway again. Magnetic Interference. Well, duh, every house has wifi. After yesterday, I DID NOT try to take off.
I'm very disappointed if I have to go to remote places only to fly. How come the Mavik Pro could do it and the X-Star cannot?

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