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Connection lost - Evo Nano +


Dec 26, 2022
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Good day everyone
Newer owner of Evo nano +

I've done about dozen flights so far and they were flawless.

Today not so much.

I was flying with a friend (dji mini 3) but not my first time flying with him.

First it wouldn't take off due to compass issue. Drone was on his trucks tailgate. I calibrated..same. I put it 20 feet away (was complaining about interference) and it took off fine.

Then it started beeping about objects nearby in front (I was 30-40 meters high...with nothing around) mind you I was flying into sun....so we chalked it to that. not sure why it was freaking out.

Big problem comes now. I was about 1km away with strong signal . I got a text message and screen went black and white, said rc disconnected (even though phone was "charging" from controller) so i knew it was connected on (pixel 7)

Couldn't get it to connect back so I pushed home button on RC and it came back after few tense minutes. I rebooted the phone

Battery replaced, and off i went again. Seemed ok.

About 200m away, I got a phone call which I ignored and screen went black and white...same story. Pushed home button and it came back.

For third flight I put my phone in Aeroplane mode and it was flawless flight.

My question...shall I fly in Aeroplane mode all the time?

I was in a very remote area (I love in BC just below Alaska) probably 30km from population, so interference is unlikely

What do you think happened?

Thank you kindly 😁
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I've had similar issues with losing connection with my Nano + when receiving a video call on my Samsung S21. Put it in airplane mode and never had any issues more than 50+ flights later.

Be aware that the multi-band antennas on the RC remote are located at the top of that carbon-fiber looking horizontal block the the phone or tablet sits inside. You want to keep that area free and open as much as possible to transmit a strong signal to the drone.
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