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Smart Controller issues

Feb 14, 2024
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I had posted something about this in the V3 subforum but wanted to open it up to a wider audience to see if there's any history of this - I've been flying an Evo 2 Pro V3 for about 9 months now for my company, and on the last outing it started acting like it was getting its signals mixed up - whenever I'd try to move it right it would also descend, and when I'd move it left it would ascend. I put it in Mode 1 and got similar strange behavior, but instead of going up and down it started moving backward with "right stick right" and forward with "right stick left". Near as I can tell, sometimes when I give it right stick L/R it's also giving it left stick U/D. Note that I tested this and got the same behavior trying to fly it one-handed with just the right stick, so it's definitely not user error. I also don't think it's the drone or any batteries, because it'll fly programmed missions without any trouble at all. It only happens with those two control inputs - right stick right or left - and it can be corrected by stopping movement and giving a little left stick U/D that seems to override whatever erroneous signal it's getting.

I've re-calibrated the joysticks, IMU, and compass and I updated the drone firmware, app, and Android system this last week so that's all current - still no change. Aside from this bizarre issue, everything works just fine as it has since we bought it. Is this any kind of known issue with the Smart Controller or any previous models? I reached out to Autel Support as well but haven't heard back yet and judging from some of the horror stories on this site I'm not terribly optimistic if we have to send anything back to them...

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