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Got that Autel X-Star Gimbal Guard

Looks great. How is it held in place?

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There are notches in the landing gear where the gimbal guard slide into and the guard is pressure fit as well without bowing out the landing gear. Additionally there are slots for using zip ties to more securely mount the guard.
Gimbal guards affect the collision avoidance sensors on the bottom of the aircraft. I saw a thing on YouTube where this guy tested it on his X-Star. It won't hold an altitude as well with that. I believe DJI even put out a thing saying the use of those voids the warranty if you crash with a gimball guard because it causes the same issue on phantoms.

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Na, they don't interfere with the VPS whatsoever. I also recorded a test and no difference whatsoever. and on the Autel as well ad DJI they are not placed under the VPS rather under the gimbal. VPS is only active when GPS is disabled BTW.

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Personally, I would like to use a gimball guard but I am uncertain about them.

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I would never use gimmicks, same goes for prop guards. False sense of security and throughs caution to the wind, no pun intended.

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