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Dropped EVO, Gimbal Broken...


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Feb 28, 2019
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Used the search function of the forum and found 2 cases where people sent their Evo for gimbal replacement.

One from Europe was asked $324 for repair and shipping it back.

The second one was from the US. He saod he had to pay shy of $300.
They replaced my gimbal and camera and the nominal cost was $500 Australian. By nominal, I mean it was a no-charge repair under warranty but $500A was on the invoice. They did a brilliant job.


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Apr 1, 2020
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Surprise, Az
Drone's working grerat! Trying to find an excuse to grab the Evo II, but can't find any for now.lol

That's crazy that you just spent 200$ on that gimbal repair!! I totally would've done it for you for 100$ but at least you got it fixed. What's also crazy is the purchase of this high priced drone, without getting the add-on warranty because it's actually useful unlike when a car dealer screws you over with their all nonsense warranty that requires you to pay out of pocket 98% of the time lmao... With every single High-grade Prosumer grade drone I've ever purchased, I have ALWAYS bought the warranty and even the extended warranty if available 😂 because when you have remote controllability of any device that's not directly in control of your hands or natural reflexes I don't trust it, I only trust what I am truly controlling with my own self and my body due to knowing my limitations and abilities. Unlike when you're flying the drone where you can't feel how it's running internally, or if its too hot, cold, etc.. I'm sure you get my drift lmao, but I have the warranty PLUS another 2 year-extended warranty just because and the extended also covers up to 1000$ in damage no matter what happens... Now that's what I call Customer satisfaction; but what you paid for? Ouch, I feel like that was highway robbery especially when they charged 2 hours labor on a 30 min repair 😂 All in all I'm glad you're back in the air and enjoying this place we call home for what it is anyway, there's so much destruction going on lately that it's a bit depressing and we need to enjoy the good while it lasts. Stay safe and stay healthy, and NO MORE CRASHING or flying in the house lmao and if you need any help or have questions my door is always open 😁

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