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Current State of Autel RTK is BETA


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Jul 1, 2021
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How's that for click bait....

I have to say I am pretty disappointed in my entire experience from this drone. So I am definitely negatively biased here. I'll start off by listing statements of fact about the functionality of the drone and end with my comments:

- Autel advertises an A-RTK base for RTK functionality. This base unit is not available and as far as I have seen, hasnt even been announced other than the marketing material for the RTK drone.
- Autel advertises a PPK workflow. This unit does NOT create/log a separate data file for post processing and hence is not a functional PPK drone.
- The Autel RTK drone does NOT fly with RTK functionality at all unless you setup a NTRIP connection (also they do not allow you to enter your own Mount Point names which is important if you want to run Emlid Caster).
- If you disable RTK functionality you can fly but it uses the default onboard GPS sensor (No RTK/PPK/RINEX/RAW data). This means it is just a regular EVO II Pro drone in this mode.

So... Here is a drone that has a RTK hat and has tons of promises of functionality but it literally cuts itself off at the knees. This isnt a consumer/business ready product. It is debatable if its even a beta ready product.

What does all this mean?
It means that unless you have or know how to setup your own NTRIP system, you're outta luck with this until some future firmware update which no one from Autel will discuss. If youre unaware, if your NTRIP data connection cuts out at all, your data is ruined (no joke, even cuts out for a second or two). If the drone captured a raw data file you could process/verify the data after the fact , but it doesnt.

If you have a job with spotty reception, this isnt the drone for you.

The drone itself and at least the RTK hat seems like a nice piece of kit and the hardware here seems rugged enough. But if the software wont allow you to do half of what you promise then I dont think its ready to be sold....


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Jan 13, 2022
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It's been a while since your initial impression. Have you considered your opinion? Do you think this model is really usable by this point?

Thanks for the input.

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