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Computer Set up?


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Dec 9, 2016
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Hey all,
what kind of computer do you guys edit and upload your drone footage on? Im running a 2014 mac book pro and it has a very hard time processing 4k video and its even lagging on 1080p footage....Im afraid im going to have to buy a new laptop if i want to do anything productive with my X star..:(
I have tried both Mac and PC with same problem.
It also depends on how you editing the video. H.264 is very difficult to work with.

I use Resolve as my editor, which is fairly resource hungry. I first transcode the media to a format that is easier to work with. This alone makes a huge difference. Along with that, I also use proxies (usually 1/4 resolution)

I have an older i7 3.5Ghz processor; 32 Gigs of RAM, using SSD's. GTX 1060 video card.

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You need a really high spec video card, lots of RAM, a speedy hard drive and higher spec processor to work with 4K video.

I read some video editing software reviews. A few of them will create a lower resolution version of your video when you import it from the SD card. That way you can edit more quickly. When your editing is done, the programs then make your final cut using the native imported video.

If I recall correctly, both CyberLink Director and Adobe Premiere Elements both do this.


Dan K.
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I just started filming in 1080pX30fps. Pretty high def still and smooth running.
I built a specific tower to work with 4K
i7 4770k overclocked. 2 years hard work and still perfect.
Need a good water cooled setup (critical)
win 7 64 bit (my choice. Prefer win7 to anything newer) It just works
Graphics card GeForce GTX 660 Ti Works great with lots in reserve (u do not need a $1000.00 card guys)
C: drive is 1 Tb SSD
also have another 3 @ 2 TB each SSD (D - E - F drives)
This works great. No issues at all runs cool all day
I am rendering 4K as I write this and temp is 32 deg Celsius.
I have tried editing 4k in Adobe Premier Pro and it didn't like 4k footage, it had issues with 1080, couldn't even play the footage in Premier without it crawling. Did a trail install of Adobe Premier 2015 CC and it doesn't have any issues with 4k video at all.

My PC has a i7-3770k CPU and 16GB of memory.
I have an HP Probook i5/6Go RAM/SSD 250 Go and it goes correctly in 4k editing with Cyberlink Powerdirector.
But i7/16Go should be better of course. I am an amateur not a professional so I have time ..

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