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Compass Error and camera weirdness


Aug 30, 2016
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so today, when doing pre flight checks, and prior to compass calibrating. I turned on the transmitter, then the drone, and waited for self diagnostics to finish, and starlink app to sync up. As this was going on, the transmitter threw up a compass error code, and the camera just jumped around on the gimble. It was like it was having a seizure!!!! Wobbling all over the place. The drone was on a solid surface, with no large metal objects nearby. But why would a compass error cause the camera to spaz out like that? It cleared itself after I powered the drone down and back up again.

Anyone else seen this bizarre behavior?
I've had a bunch of calibration requests, when first starting up for a flight session, never any camera seizures.
I will make a note of trying to film if it happens again when I start up.
ok cool thanks for that. i just do things as their videos show us but i can see where that shortens the time taken to get off the ground.
In relation to this though, as a side note and being winter here, 1 thing I have noticed is that the batteries need to be warmed up before flying. It tells me to hover until the warning turns green. So that usually takes around 2 minutes (dependant on weather) and in saying that.... we here in Australia are no where near the cold you guys have so get ready for it.
it happens with all 4 batteries every time I change one. So launching is very quick (boot up time) but hovering is what it asks me to do until the bat temp reaches op temp.
Oh man, there was a guy from down under on the RCG Autel thread who was seriously upset with the warming batteries up factor, if I recall it had to be 20C. It would take almost 10 minutes of run time just to warm the battery from 11C for him. Insulated and thermal carrying procedures had to be implemented and I'm ready for that.

People do need to be aware of this, but I still see a slew of complaints coming Autel's way starting in December, the XSP didn't really release until after last winter here in the States, but just before winter in Australia.
I'm curious what actually happens if you just disregard this warming of batteries notice entirely and just commence your flight. Wouldn't the battery just warm up faster? I doubt the unit wouldn't fly. Just seems kinda counter intuitive.
lol, no doubt Tpat, funny how I was thinking about this just a couple days ago for some reason. If they want you hovering to warm up, you're obviously capable of flying, but I have to assume it kills the right stick from the hover or these guys would have been doing it, god knows I sure would have tried to fly.

So what say you to this cokeaddict, you get a message saying the batts need to warm up, it let's you liftoff, but it won't let you move out of the hover with right stick until it reaches 20C? Can you yaw and elevate with left stick while waiting or did you have to auto launch and both sticks are killed until warmup? idk, if sticks are disabled while waiting, it would be a safety issue imo.
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Just in case.... that was not me...Yes in winter (as it is here down under now) when you start up the bird you get the warning from the controller telling you battery needs to warm up. You can still launch the bird as it advises you to take off and hover at around a few meters until you get the "all clear" or green ready to fly notice. So you can fly while the warning is there its just a safety they added to be sure. I just hover 4 meters above until green shows up. I did post this to let you guys know but the warm up time was about 2 - 3 minutes tops. No big deal for me as I already know what I need to record.
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Hey Amoxom yesterday when I started my X Star Premium my camera and gimbal went into a seizure . Just for a few seconds then it stopped . I was wondering if you ever contacted Autel and what was there response . Thanks
Glazier, I did not report it to Autel. My camera has done this a handful of times, but everything appears to still work.
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