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Compass calibration

Flying skymaster

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Feb 21, 2017
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Hilton Head , SC
I have flown my Premium 5 times and it is tracking 16 satellites minimum all the time. It is rock solid stable all the time including takeoff and landing.Weird thing is I have never got the compass to pass calibration. I stay at least 30 feet from the car , follow procedures but same message. Use "try again " but no pass. Any ideas?
Follow the procedure carefully and be sure to not have any metallic items with you like keys, watches, etc. Try it in a grassy area vs a parking lot or pavement.
I personally recalibrate the compass anytime I fly 100 miles away from the last location.

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.05.51 PM✨.png
Once you hit calibrate, you have to be quick!

Spin with camera facing forward. Once it tells you to rotate the drone and face the camera down, spin again and it usually takes one and a half or further revolutions to finish.

You're either to slow to start or you are not turning far enough one the camera is pointing down.
Watch this too. I wouldn't be flying much if you cannot get it calibrated. I would be on the phone with Autel

Sometimes I forget my keys are in my pocket and that's enough to make calibration fail. After I take them out and redo (same spot) it's fine. It's real sensitive.
Also, make sure you're holding the arms, not the legs, when you do the dance. As in the above linked video, the compass is in the legs.
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Worth noting: I discovered that I had to remove my FitBit from my wrist and place my iPhone in airplane mode as they were causing problems with calibration.
I've had that same problem. I'm not totally sure but I think while turning the drone in a circular rotation the camera has to be looking at the ground.

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Camera has nothing to do with it at all. You can remove the camera and calibrate your compass no problem.
Having a phone or tablet close to it is not a problem also, they are part of the equation.
Having metal fences, cement with ready rod or a place where there is a high mineral count is more likely to cause you problems more then any phone or tablet.
I do a calibration before every flight. A few days ago I tried taking off from a location I had just used where I calibrated previously, and it took off and acted like it had just drunk a fifth of Jack Daniels! I brought it right back down, calibrated, and it immediately sobered up to the reliable machine as normal.
Mine takes about 3/4 of a turn for the first step,then about 2 full turns on the second.Im about dizzy when its done.

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