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Autel Dragonfish VTOL Release in USA


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Jan 10, 2020
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The Autel Dragonfish which is currently only available in AsiaPac will soon be available in the Americas. Today, Autel announced at CES that they will release the Dragonfish platform in the second quarter of 2021.
  • Fixed wing aircraft
  • 120 minute flight time
  • Take off/landing in space-restricted areas
  • Rapid deployment/assembly time of under three minutes
  • Range of up to about 18 miles (30km)
  • Equipped with two RTK modules for redundancy
  • 9.7" ultra-bright ground station (more info below)

Dragonfish Payloads​

Payloads include a FLIR® Boson Radiometric camera at 640×512/30Hz resolution/refresh rate, 1” sensor photographic cameras, and other payloads for specific vertical requirements. The system is expandable to fit into virtually any workflow, although the Dragonfish was specifically designed for overwatch and other public safety uses.

Dragonfish Ground Station​

The high resolution (2048×1536), 9.7 inches, ultra-bright (1000 nits) TFT-LCD touchscreen ensures maximum visibility and practicality in all situations. Autel Ground Control Station is water, dust, and water resistant. Autel Robotics new antenna design allows the video transmission to reach up to 18.6 miles (30km) The Autel Robotics ground station controller has a battery life of up to 6 hours and can be operated indefinitely with a remote power source.

Autel is currently developing pricing tiers for various verticals for which the Dragonfish is appropriate.

More information will be coming from the Autel and Advexure teams soon, including test-flight feedback, scheduling of Dragonfish demos, Dragonfish pricing, and a more clear timeline on the Dragonfish's availability date.

Stay up to date and sign up for updates here: Autel Announces Dragonfish VTOL Platform for North America
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