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  1. C

    Evo lite plus braid (loop) of gimbal

    Good day, everyone! After an unplanned fall, the camera suspension of my Light Plus was damaged. In particular broke the braid (loop) of the gimbal. Maybe among the members of the forum someone has an unwanted suspension with a full braid, left from the drone, or you can lead me to the right...
  2. M

    6k camera gimbal wiring harness needed.

    does anyone know where i can get the harness that runs through the Evo 2 pro 6k gimbal? i would be really appreciative
  3. quinn karter

    Can anyone offer a fix and or reason for this gimbal drift. During a hyperlapse the EVO2 or the gimbal moves or drone moves.

    In this hyperlapse video, the gimbal or drone shifts. They become misaligned with the camera pointing at the left front prop by the end of the video. Why did it do this? And or what can I do to keep it from doing this?
  4. D

    Flight log

    Hi there!
  5. T

    Evo 2 Pro Gimbal suddenly jerks up and goes crooked, is unresponsive until I land and re calibrate

    I've only flown it 4 times before this happened, prior to that I'd had no issues. When I am trying to pan down to 90 degrees, it suddenly jerks up to level, but it is crooked and it jerks as if it is trying to correct itself. This wasn't happening until I updated to the latest software. I've...
  6. Spikemixture

    Autel International Support email address please

    Does anyone have a current email address for Autel "International" Support office. I wont go through my whole situation again other than to say US support are hopeless . I have asked multiple times with no reply. Currently my evo2 is in HK and has been there for 20 weeks as the reseller...
  7. D

    Micro vibrations on video | Gimbal issue

    Hi to all guys! Have a problem with my EVO II 8K. The drone's gimbal is experiencing micro vibrations/shaking during the flights. It's noticeable even from the smartphone's screen. The problem occurs intermittently. In this regard, up to 30-45% of the filmed video can be sent to the trash. The...
  8. C

    Crash...now lens titled and won't respond

    Hey Everyone, Wondering if anyone can help or has experienced this before. Got my Evo recently. Was shooting some stuff this AM, and by accident backed into a tree branch about 8 to 10 feet off the ground, my Evo went to the ground, mostly on it's back. Got it back up, turned it off...
  9. W

    Horizon Tilt FIX!

    Looks like we are nearing the update everyone was hoping for! A horizon tilt fix!