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customer support

  1. B

    Complete Parts Catalog available to End Users

    I just sent a request to Autel to consider making a complete parts catalog available to end users. If anyone else is interested in performing their own maintenance, I would urge you to contact Autel customer support and voice you option. They won't do it unless there's a demand for it. My...
  2. Spikemixture

    Autel International Support email address please

    Does anyone have a current email address for Autel "International" Support office. I wont go through my whole situation again other than to say US support are hopeless . I have asked multiple times with no reply. Currently my evo2 is in HK and has been there for 20 weeks as the reseller...
  3. T

    Unhappy with Autel Customer Service

    I have had a very unhappy experience with Autel Robotics Support. They have a deservedly good reputation and are generally quick to respond to problems. They failed this time. Here is the timeline: Sat 11/05 - I flew the X-Star several times with not problems. This is my last landing...