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XSP does not frighten birds !


Dec 2, 2016
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In my garden anyway!
I put the drone lighted but motor stopped at the bottom of my garden and control the camera from the inside of my house and here is what I could film in 120fps. (Sorry for the area of sharpness is a little too far).
I have to say that is funny I chase buzzards in the sky for the neighborhood kids. They get the hell out of dodge when that orange alien ship comes zooming by

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Just stay away from eagle territory. They are at the top of the food chain for birds and will attack your drones. One fellow had his Yuneec Typhoon H (hex) taken down by a golden eagle. Total destruction. There was even claw marks in the shell.
I have had seagulls try and attack my quads when they are nesting. Large bird and drones don't mix. It is a very sad day when you see your 1000 dollar toy drop to the ground form 200 feet and smash :)
Too cute. I had seagulls try and attack mine. And I live in eagle and hawk territory. Fly safe.

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I never thought of the drone as a prepositioned tool for photographing habitat. Great idea. I presume the motors were off? How long did you have to wait for them to return?
Yes the engines are stopped, the propellers are not mounted, the drone is just turned on and the control of the camera is done from the inside of the house with the radio control. The tablet allows you to control the activity of the birds around the drone and to start the recording only when necessary.
For several years I have fed the birds of the gardens during the winter; They are used to finding food in my garden and I did not wait more than 5 mn before I can start filming from the moment I placed a few seeds just in front of the camera of the drone. The only problem is that the minimum focusing distance of the camera is a bit too large and if the birds get too close (about 15 -20 cm), they are blurry.
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Excellent example of thinking outside the box. Appreciate the tips. I thought you'd flown the drone into the nest whilst they were gone and powered it up later. Your solution is more practical.

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