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Wireless dog fence


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Feb 13, 2017
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South Carolina
We installed a new Petsafe wireless dog fence in our yard yesterday. What's the likelihood this could cause interference/issues of some sort with my XStar Premium?

I haven't flown since the installation. Just wondering before I do get back out.
As long as you are not calibrating your compass near it or taking off over it you should be fine.
Hmmm.... that could be a potential issue. The coverage area of the wireless fence is probably 2/3rds of my yard and the area where I normally calibrate and take off/land is within the wireless fence.
The big question is does this fence generate a magnetic field strong enough to affect the compass. If you don't get a magnetic interference message on power up you should be OK. Or take a hiking or camping style compass , watch the needle and power up the fence.
If it was wired I wouldn't be as concerned....I'd just do my best to stay a ways from the wire. But...mine is wireless with a unit sitting in my house casting a "fence" in a radius from the unit. It creates a "dome" around part of the yard and my XSP would normally be taking off and landing within the "dome".

Anyway, I'll give it a try in the next couple of days and not get too ambitious at first, looking for indicators of interference. I'll report back here.
Oh, ok... I was thinking the traditional style invisible fence with the buried wire. In that case, maybe keep the dogs inside when you fly and shut it off till you're done?
Flew for about a total of an hour yesterday with no apparent issues, taking off and landing numerous times. I even calibrated my XSP within the coverage area of the wireless fence. No issues.
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