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Shaky Eratic descent


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Jan 15, 2017
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why does the x Star shake so much during descent? Are they working on a fix in a future update to smooth this out?
Are your props in good shape? Maybe is one out of balance and it's exaggerated at low RPM? Just throwing out a suggestion.
I figured it might be I'm coming down fast through my own prop wash on descent. I will try to come down at a slight angle and see if this smooths it out.

Read a little about this and I thinks it's just unsettled air.

Props are perfect
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I typically keep a little forward speed when descending and haven't noticed wobbling in a no-wind condition (we've had a lot of that here lately). I have noticed some wobble as it descends through treetop level in a wind but it will smooth out once the trees are blocking most of the wind. It would be interesting to lock the camera in FPV mode and see how much wobble could be seen while doing a full power descent.
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SlimJimTell, The shaking occurs during the vortex ring state. My understanding of this is when it descends with speed, it enters it's own vortex of air, causing it to wobble or shake. It will normally level out once you get to about 10-15 feet. Your best bet is to have some forward movement while descending, or descend at a slower speed, to avoid too much shake.
Mine does it too..it had me worried at first,but the videos turns out pretty smooth.Great gimble on this bird!!
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Fly forward or back as you descend and that will provide the props with plenty of solid air to ride on. The XSP just does that, the wobble. I hope they correct it in the new firmware as it doesn't have to be that way. My number one complaint (aside from no fine controls like expo's & gains), is the sloppy characteristics of its flight. The best way for me to describe it is it reminds me of how the Phantom 2 handled several years ago. Autel has a diamond in the rough with the XSP... they just need to add a little polish to it, a little fine tuning. I hope they can hang in there as they have a good product... but we all know the DJI crushing machine has no mercy.

I've noticed that I don't get as much of a shaky rapid descent with my CF props.

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I never noticed a problem, Im usally coming down fast in a bald spot of the woods. It does seem to come down very fast and starts to smooth out at around 30 feet or so.
I like the idea of it descending quickly should you get yourself in a situation of failsafe for a low battery. If your at 400ft and it was too graceful on the decent with low power, you might be wittiness to a lawn dart followed by a small impact crater.

Worth noting: Using the left command stick you can slow the descent speed of the aircraft or hold the left command stick in the 90% ascend position for two seconds to manually regain control of the drone. The remote controller’s functionality can be regained during this period, allowing you to stop the aircraft from decent.
This common in all multicopters.
The aircraft is descending into its own column of turbulence.
When you slow to land, you'll notice it goes away.
It's nothing to worry about, and firmware can't fix it.
Just land it yourself, that's what I do. Works every time.

Well, this will always happen when you descend whether under manual control or not. The only thing you can really do is fly a little forward or any other direction to get out of the column of your own propwash.

In the RTH mode, it descends fairly slow, so it's not much of an issue. If you bring it down quickly, it can get a little bumpy. I think some people associate this with a problem with the flight controller.

In reality, you are just moving into an area of high winds you are manufacturing at all times. It only becomes an issue when you fly into it - which is downwards.
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Tryed that last night. Spot on, used a little forward and erratic state pretty well disappeared. More confedence. Now I can concentrate on video
Tryed that last night. Spot on, used a little forward and erratic state pretty well disappeared. More confedence. Now I can concentrate on video

Good to hear! Just imagine your drone perched on top of a small tornado that you want to stay out of.
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