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Selling: Brand New Autel Evo Lite + Standard Edition ( Premium Edition Parts Optional )


Jun 17, 2022
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Since my drone crashed, i recieved everything brand new from the insurance, a brand new package.
My plans have changed and i dont need the drone anymore in the near future so now im looking to sell it.
I placed it on several online plattforms for sell, but nobody seems interested, my guess is because they dont know what Autel is and all they look for is DJI...

Like the Title says: Autel Evo Lite + Standard Edition Orange.

Brand new, unused, original packaged, the drone has still plastic foil around it. It is literally brand new just like from the store.

Optional i got all the parts from the premium package:
2 Spare Batteries ( they only got charged about 3 times )
Charging Station for 3 Batteries at the same time brand new.
ND Filter Pack ( 8,16,32,64 )
2 pairs or Propellers Band new never used,
Autel Carry Bag

There are no traces or scratches, everything is actually brand new.

There is warranty & insurance until Jun. 2024 but the store is in switzerland, because i live here.

Autel Evo Lite + Standard ( Orange ) / without spare parts of the Premium Bundle.
Selling For $1280

Optional: Selling everything together for $1380

Free Shipping to your Country.

Autel Evo Lite (1).jpgAutel Evo Lite (4).jpgAutel Evo Lite (3).jpg

Selling everything together for $1380
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Dollar symbol goes in front of the numbers!
My pet peeve.
Thanks for listening.

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