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autel evo lite plus

  1. whyaskme

    "Night Moves: An After-Hours Drone Experience" featuring the Lite+

    If you're wondering how the Autel Lite+ performs in low-light environments, this video is a great example of this bird's imaging capabilities once the sun goes down. I hope you enjoy it:
  2. AutelPilot

    Selling: Brand New Autel Evo Lite + Standard Edition ( Premium Edition Parts Optional )

    Since my drone crashed, i recieved everything brand new from the insurance, a brand new package. My plans have changed and i dont need the drone anymore in the near future so now im looking to sell it. I placed it on several online plattforms for sell, but nobody seems interested, my guess is...
  3. AutelPilot

    Autel Evo Lite+ Stops recording after it landed, or after crash. ( Is there a way to keep on recording?)

    I noticed that the Autel Evo Lite+ stops video recording after the drone has landed, or after it crashed. Probably it just stops recording as soon as the engine stops. Why i ask: As evidence for the worst case... In case of a crash, or drowning in the water, or hitting a wire and falling on to a...