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  1. G

    Advice on selling safely (within US)

    Hey all, I have a low time EVO II v2 w/ three batteries and hard case, Live Deck and ND filters. I love it but my use case is shifting toward FPV. I'm going to list it for sale in coming weeks, but I'd like some advice on how to sell safely. My plan is to only sell to sellers in the US. How do...
  2. AutelPilot

    Selling: Brand New Autel Evo Lite + Standard Edition ( Premium Edition Parts Optional )

    Since my drone crashed, i recieved everything brand new from the insurance, a brand new package. My plans have changed and i dont need the drone anymore in the near future so now im looking to sell it. I placed it on several online plattforms for sell, but nobody seems interested, my guess is...