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recorded video flash from props

Flying skymaster

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Feb 21, 2017
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Hilton Head , SC
Probably already discussed but when I was facing the sun and could not see the props in my video , I can see the light flashing from the blades. I did not have any filters on and I guess the only fix is to make sure my back is to the sun . I can see the props and a little of an arm in certain turns . Any tips ? I also discovered today that I had been putting my micro sd card into the SD adapter and plugging that into the SD card slot of the computer. I had a USB 3.0 sd card adapter and plugged the micro card into that and plugged it in. WOW did that speed up download times. At least three times faster.
Found the same thing; I simply tilt the camera down a bit and it clears up.
In the turns, the gimbal is just doing its job, so you may see props and sometimes arms in the video if you're putting a lot of input into the sticks and/or you have some high winds and the aircraft is compensating. The only remedy for that is to aim the camera lower or fly slower and when it's less windy.

If the sun is at the right angle and the prop is between the sun and the camera, then your only choices are to shoot at a different time, or aim the camera lower.
You will get "sun banding" if the sunlight passes through the props into the lens. You can make or buy a hood for the lens. They can easily be made from a scrap of thin paperboard.
Thanks for the tip! I have a Rokinon wide angle lens for my Sony camera. It has a field of view of 96 degrees. I told the lens hood off and made a pattern of the shape. I copied it at 40 % and am going to get some black card stock and make a mini version. It has a flower petals shape to reduce lens flare. I will see how it works.

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